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Shock Absorber

A Sports Bra is a vital partner
for your performance.

For a women a Sports bra is as important as a good pair of sneakers – regardless of whether you have smaller breasts or are bigger busted.

Why do you need a sports bra?


Big or small, all breasts move during exercise so it’s important to wear
a sports bra.

Our research has shown that even an A cup can bounce up to 4cms while a G cup can bounce as much as 14cms*. You can see how different types of exercise, depending on your cup size, impact the breast visually thanks to the Bounce-o-meter.
*University of Portsmouth

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There are no muscles in the chest.

Only skin and Cooper's ligaments support breast tissue. Any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing them to stretch and nothing can naturally restore them.

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Tolu shares her Active Multi Sports experience.

now I focus on my workout only

Why Shock Absorber is the best

Control and comfort are the keys to your sporting performance

Scientifically Proven

Shock Absorber, a visionary in the design of high-performance bras, strengthened our expertise through the collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. The Shock Absorber range is recognized at reducing the movements of the chest by up
to 78%*, twice as much as a conventional bra.

*Bounce control tested University of Portsmouth

Technically developed

All Shock Absorber styles are made from technically developed materials to meet specific criteria.

Shock Absorber, Voted Best Sports Bra by Women


Ultimate Run Bra, Best Selling Style

  • Specifically designed for running
  • Award Winning
  • Counteracts the figure of eight movement breast undergo when running

Ultimate Fly Bra, Latest Innovation

  • Patented technology
  • Incredible lightness – a second skin sensation
  • Ideal for high-impact sports


Fitting Guide


The band around the chest should be level front and back. It needs to be comfortable but firm. A good gauge to ensure that the underband fits well is being able to fit two fingers between the underband and your skin. Any more space and the band is too big and could cause friction.


The cup should contain the whole of the breast, with no creases and no cleavage on show.


Sports bras come in different styles, usually a traditional U Back or Racer Back. The straps should be adjusted to fit securely on the shoulders with only one to two inch give.

Find the right sports bra for you

  1. Pick up your size cup
  2. Choose the intensity of sports practised
  3. Find your support level